Significant religious events

Fred Wesley

Fred Wesley

Sunday was a very special day for Christians around the country, and yesterday was special for Hindus.

For Christians, it was Palm Sunday.

Children took over the proceedings in many churches around the country.

Mind you, they actually did very well.

For instance, for children at the Christian Mission Fellowship headquarters in Kinoya, Nasinu, Sunday was about revelling in the joy of worship and taking charge of a congregation that was left impressed by the items on display and the messages driven through by the young members.

It was inspiring and hopefully is a positive reflection of better things to come.

For Christians, such times are firm reminders of the impact our children can have on our nation.

Clearly it isn’t easy to front up to an audience, to deliver a sermon, sing songs of praise and be part of action chorus tunes.

It takes courage, confidence and to a large extent, aside from hours of practice, a firm family support base.

Then there is the bit about instilling confidence in individuals and nurturing a sense of purpose.

Our children will have a say in our future.

It falls back on us parents, guardians and leaders, to set the foundation and to stimulate interest within our children to take control of their future.

That is a critical element in the process of nurturing well rounded adults.

If Sunday was an indication of the level of appreciation for leadership roles among many of our children, then things certainly look good for our nation.

Perseverance and commitment to ensure the continued process of learning and appreciation of leadership roles are important.

Perhaps we can also take comfort in the thought that maybe, a good grounding at an early age might just be the catalyst our nation needs as it grows and develops.

There was confidence in the manner in which children controlled Sunday’s services. They read out Bible verses, delivered powerful messages of hope, sang songs of praise and performed items that moved their audience.

One can only hope this is somehow translated to their everyday lives and it instils a sense of discipline and appreciation of others around them.

For Christians, Sunday was about remembering the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem the week before his death and resurrection.

Meanwhile, Hindus also celebrated Ram Navami, one of their most important festivals, yesterday.

It signified the birth of Lord Rama.

Fiji is a nation with diverse religious interests and leanings. That is one reason that stands Fiji apart from many other countries.

We are a multiracial and multi-religious nation, and arguably one of the most important factors is there is a great sense of appreciation of our diverse cultural, traditional and religious links.

We live in a very special country.

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