Sierra Leone: Ebola return report mistaken

FREETOWN – Sierra Leone has said it had wrongly reported Ebola as the cause of a baby’s death in a part of west African country that had been declared free of the virus weeks ago.

Villagers in the eastern district of Kailahun were dismayed when the government said on Monday that a nine-month-old boy had tested positive after his death, more then three months after the last confirmed Ebola case.

The National Ebola Response Centre (NERC) said in a statement, however, an investigation had found that the “child in question is not an Ebola case as the sample in question is not from the child”.

It did not say how the error had happened but concluded that there was “no evidence to suggest that there is an ongoing Ebola transmission in Kailahun”. It ordered the immediate end of quarantine measures imposed on a number of health workers.

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