Sidharth: Moving into my abode a step closer to my perfect home


Actor Sidharth Malhotra, who is shifting to a new centrally located abode in Bandra, says it is a step close to his “perfect home” as it will reflect his preference and personality. “It is always exciting to move to a new space. I needed a bigger apartment since my parents often visit me.

They say, ‘Create a space that reflects your personality’. And you know what? I am exactly doing that,” Sidharth said in a statement to IANS.

The Delhi boy shifted to Mumbai to pursue a career in showbiz over a decade ago. “While I have spent most of my growing years in Delhi, Mumbai has become very close to my heart too. I moved out of Delhi in 2007 and shifted in a co-sharing apartment in Mumbai. While I think of the past, each day was fun and a new adventure. Moving into my new abode is a step closer to my perfect home,” he added.

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