Siblings lament loss of sister

EMORI Raluveisoba felt at ease knowing his sister Vika Radinibau was on her way home after calling her on her mobile phone at 7pm to find out where she was.

But his anticipation to see her that night turned to heartache when a police officer turned up at their home in Nasinu to relay to him and his sibling Asenaca Vosarogo, 18, the tragic news concerning their sister.

Ms Radinibau, 25, was hit by a car while on her way home on Tuesday night and died in hospital.

Mr Raluveisoba said when he visited the scene of the accident, he had a sinking feeling that his sister would not make it out of the hospital alive.

According to police, the driver was allegedly under the influence of alcohol and remained in custody.

Yesterday, the two siblings recounted how they were relayed the news of their eldest sister’s death at the Colonial War Memorial Hospital after she was hit by a vehicle.

Mr Raluveisoba said his sister was only metres away from their home at Vesida HART in Nasinu.

The two described their sister as someone they could look up to after the death of their mother in 2011.

Mr Raluveisoba described the phase they went through after their mother’s death as a difficult one because they had to live with their grandmother and aunt.

He said after years of being apart from their father, they managed to find work and this year they moved into their home.

He said they made plans last week to visit their mother’s grave in Navua.

When the police officer visited their house to drop his sister’s belongings, Mr Raluveisoba said they could not believe what had transpired because he had spoken to her over the phone.

The road death toll is 32 compared with 47 last year.

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