Showing them compassion

“If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous he will not bite you. This is the principal difference between a dog and man.” (Mark Twain). I read the article in yesterday’s paper titled Care for an animal and I thought about the sufferings animals go through at our hands. We throw stones at dogs and cats and whip bullocks and horses. Sometimes we ill-treat those who could be our friends when our loved ones have deserted us. Let’s show them more compassion and kindness.

In sports, the Fijiana is up against heavy weights Australia, Canada and Ireland. The Fijiana may not enjoy the same services and support that our men get because they have just started learning the thrills and spills of the man’s game and the journey may be a little too long before they start lifting the main silverware.

Win or lose my 100 per cent support is with you in your quest for an incredible outing at the Rio Olympics, considering that you are the Pacific’s top bet.

I am pleading with our TV stations to please throw everything in your efforts to show the Sao Paulo 7s live. We don’t want to miss watching our women in action. It will be an opportune time for Fiji to join hands and cheer the Fijiana.

To Tani and Chris, a big vinaka vakalevu for sacrificing your time to teach the Fijiana the skills and knowledge required to take on the big guns. To Telecom Fiji Ltd, thank you so much for coming on board as sponsors for the Fijiana.

As I conclude, I accord my appreciation to the members of our futsal team for playing their hearts out although they lost all their matches.

I congratulate the former golden voice of FBC and a close friend of mine Shanal Sivam on his newly married life. I also wish my kai from Savusavu Navin Raj all the best on his appointment as the new executive director of FIA. By the way thank you World Rugby for the stand taken against the All Blacks. They went unpunished. You did open my eyes!

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