Showers of relief

BRIEF showers in the Western Division over the past week brought relief to stressed farmers and renewed hope in the midst of the dry season, says the principal agricultural officer Western, Vinesh Kumar.

“The situation has improved a bit,” Mr Kumar said.

“Although there were downpours and only brief showers in some areas, it has to some extent assisted with pasture for livestock, especially in the interior of Ba and in Nadroga and Navosa.”

The provinces were earlier reported to be the most affected by the dry spell, with reports of dried water sources and livestock succumbing to exhaustion.

“For Nadroga and Navosa, rainfall in the past week has been quite good for vegetables and short-term crops and on the same token, the rain has also brought hope, since it has been an emotionally stressful time for farmers.”

The onslaught of the dry season in the division caused a price rise for some produce sold in municipal markets, with Mr Kumar noting that this was particularly for common vegetables and root crops in the Ba province.

“There are certain crops and greens like bele and rosella leaves that we still can’t see a lot of, and blemishes to cowpeas are among the reductions to quality that we’ve noticed.”

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