Shortage of surveyors in Fiji

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Surveyors at the meeting with deputy secretary for Lands and Mineral Resources Timoci Samisoni in Nadi last week. Picture: SUPPLIED

There is a shortage of registered surveyors in Fiji, says deputy secretary for Lands and Mineral Resources Timoci Samisoni.

In an address at the 2023 surveyors conference in Nadi last week, Mr Samisoni said the lack of registered surveyors has been a challenge for the industry with the problem affecting both the private and public sectors.

“The ministry is facilitating the registration of our surveyors. However, most do not remain in government for long and opt to work in the private sector or open their own business,” he said.

“Build your capacity to be on par with international best practices so that this industry remains relevant.”

Mr Samisoni said the surveyors regulation was reviewed and endorsed in Parliament last year and that surveyors need to know the changes made and what was required of them now.

“Surveyors need to build capacity to be able to confront new frontiers.

“If they can be challenged then they would be able to resolve the issues. Surveyors need to understand the needs and purpose of their work.

“Now, in this modern day and age, surveyors also need to be good communicators, have ethical practice, be customer service oriented and know the boundaries of the law you work in.”