Shortage of specialised nurses

FIJI is in need of specialised nurses, says Health and Medical Services Minister Rosy Akbar.

“There are shortages in Fiji for specialised nurses,” she said.

Director nursing Selina Waqa said Fiji had between 100 and 150 specialised nurses who work in specialised areas particularly in the three main hospitals.

“The nursing specialised area that is of high priority is pediatric nursing, intensive care nursing, chronic care nursing and accident emergency nursing and midwifery,” Mrs Waqa said.

“While we continue to push to the institutions for the formal specialist qualifications we have made arrangements to have our nurses go offshore and get attached in specific areas.”

Mrs Waqa said the ministry made arrangements with Australia, New Zealand and India for such trainings.

“It is work in progress to look at specialist structures and also the working conditions which also includes remuneration packages.

“For the medical model to reach its full potential, I believe the doctors will also agree to the need for the support of specialised nurses.”

Mrs Waqa also highlighted most nurses performed the duties of specialised nurses in the listed specialised areas, thus, they needed to be recognised.

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