Shop smart and healthy

Jagath Karunaratne advises the public to shop smart and healthy. Picture: ATASA MOCEITUBA

When it comes to shopping Jagath Karunaratne’s advice is: shop healthy, smart and on a budget.
He is the Fiji United Freedom Party leader and is a solutions consultant for IBM New Zealand.
Karunaratne has just completed his Bachelor of Laws (LLB) and is pursuing his masters (LLM) and hopes to finish his PhD in the near future.
He has travelled to 34 countries around the world.
He is originally from Sri Lankan and is married to Rahika a Fijian of Indian descent. He describes her as the angel of his life.
He says he loves Fiji and says it is one of the most beautiful and prosperous nations in the world because the people are friendly.
He loves Fiji’s climate, way of life, culture and traditions of the people that call this country home.
“I want to advocate the absolute beauty, nature, lifestyle and why Fijians are the most innocent, yet courageous and beautiful people on Earth,” Mr Karunaratne said.


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