Shocked and disgusted

PEOPLE visiting Navua Hospital either to see a doctor or someone admitted are shocked on their arrival there.

They are greeted with a notice telling them to place used toilet tissues in a trash can instead of the normal practice of flushing it in the toilet. A concerned member of the public who wished to remain anonymous said he was disgusted to even think of following instructions of a notice placed in the toilet.

Questions posed to the Ministry of Information on whether the practice of placing used toilet paper in a bin provided was hygienic or not was not directly answered. However, an Information Ministry statement said “the materials used are of American standard similar to that used in five star rated buildings”.

Health Ministry’s permanent secretary Dr Eloni Tora said “the blocked toilet issue has been resolved”.

“Blockages were due to items not supposed to be flushed in the toilets like sanitary pads. Sanitary bins are being purchased to ensure sanitary pads are not thrown and flushed via the toilet bowls. The ministry is working with the Ministry of Works to relook at the sewage plans of the hospital.”

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