Shirley volunteers to look after 79-year-old ‘nani’

Ram Devi with Shirley Maharaj. Picture: SUPPLIED

SHIRLEY Maharaj has agreed to come on board and look after 79 years old Ram Devi’s (nani) daily needs.

With Punjas & Sons agreeing to take care of Ms Devi’s shopping, Ms Maharaj has agreed to cook for Nani who is a strict vegetarian, and also give her daily medication.

“Thank u for making me part of your team. The Maharaj family is always willing to help in any way possible.I’m so grateful that I’m able to support as I believe in doing things from the heart,” said Ms Maharaj who lives around the area.

Today PYGMIES group did a clean up at Nani’s compound.

The Circle of Friends also had their Sunday lunch with Nani.

Meanwhile Water Authority of Fiji in Lautoka has agreed to take care of water installation, while good Samaritans has agreed to take care of her water and electricity bills.

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