Ship security response exercise

A MAJOR exercise on ship security response and responses to damages or destructions to port facilities will be undertaken by the Fiji Ports Corporation Ld towards the end of the year.

The corporation, in its preparation towards this exercise, will conduct security drills every quarter to prepare for this major exercise as per International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS) requirement.

This follows the success of the Port Security — Ship Security exercise facilitated by the security department on January 6, 2018 onboard Royal Caribbean Cruise Ltd (RCL) Voyager of the Seas.

The table top exercise was requested by RCL to test their ship’s security setup and also test the response by the receiving port authority on two scenarios as per ISPS Code.

They were ISPS code 8.9.4 — Unauthorised access or use, including presence of stowaways and ISPS code 8.9.1 – Damage to, or destruction of, the ship or of a port facility, e.g. by explosive devices, arson, sabotage or vandalism.

According to FPCL, the objectives of the exercise was to test the emergency response plan (ERP) by the port state, deployment and interoperability of local authorities to assist, and evacuation plan by port state.

Key stakeholders invited by FPCL security were the Ministry of Defence, Maritime Safety Authority of Fiji, Republic of Fiji Military Forces, Fiji Revenue and Customs Service, Fiji Navy, Fiji Police Force, National Fire Authority and Ministry of Health. The exercise was successfully carried out with the command elements of the RCL Voyager of the Seas satisfied with the combined response strategy presented by the team present.

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