She’s 1 busy ‘aunty’

Sumindar Kaur with her husband Narendra Singh outside their shop at Naikabula in Lautoka. Picture: BALJEET SINGH

Sumindar Kaur with her husband Narendra Singh outside their shop at Naikabula in Lautoka. Picture: BALJEET SINGH

SUMINDAR Kaur’s life for the past eight years has all been about nursing her sick husband and running her shop.

If you happen to stop by at the Singh’s Shopping Centre in Naikabula, Lautoka, you may have come across the shopkeeper with a sweet smile which most people in the neighbourhood are familiar with.

Life has not been easy for this lady originally from Namuka in Cuvu, Nadroga who moved to Lautoka 25 years ago after marrying Narendra Singh.

When she was approached by her uncle to start up a shop eight years ago, Sumindar was not too sure whether to take it up because she had no idea at all what it would be like to run a business.

But being the courageous and outspoken lady she is, Sumindar decided to give it a try.

The savings she had kept from her husband’s wages for many years was what helped her start this shop business which is now the shop many people rely on in the Naikabula area.

“I was staying home with my in-laws, and they had this earthmoving business and this was where I had come across a few tips on how to run a business,” Sumindar said.

“My husband was running the family business and I used to collect his wages and we managed to save $17,000 but we bought the shop business eight years ago for $7000.

“Everything is going on well and it was not even hard because when I started, I made sure I followed everything so well, and today, I see the fruit of it.”

Sometimes, Sumindar takes time out to take her husband to the hospital at least every three months for his medication and treatment.

Her shop opens at 6am and closes at 10pm and this is a normal routine for the outspoken lady.

Running a shop has also taught Sumindar a lot in life, how to manage what she has at her disposal and being responsible.

“In doing business, you always have to concentrate and be very careful at how you manage the money.

“I even manage one of our properties that is under rent at the moment and help my husband out in everything else at home so our day basically begins at 4.30am and finishes at around 11pm.

“But everything will always come to fruition if you only dedicate yourself to what you do, even if it is a small thing.”

Sumindar is known to many kids in the greater Naikabula area as aunty or Mrs Singh and she loves to be friendly to anyone who stops by at the shop because she says its all parts and parcel of her business.

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