Shelter for 15 families

ABOUT 15 families of Tukuraki in Ba, a village that was a scene of tragedy in 2012, when four people were buried alive by a landslide, will move to a new site next month.

This is when the 10 new houses being built to accommodate the families will be ready.

The relocation is an initiative led by the Government’s National Disaster Management Office with funding from the ACP-EU Building Safety and Resilience in the Pacific Project.

The project is valued at $600,000 and began in July.

Tukuraki villager Livai Kidiromo said after the 2012 tragedy, they were directed by the State to move to a different location for their safety.

“We are extremely grateful for the assistance provided and we are looking forward to once again convene as a village,” he said.

Only two houses are left to be built. Each family will also receive 10,000 litre tanks.

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