Sharma: Times ‘misleading’ parents, public

GOVERNMENT has accused The Fiji Times of publishing misleading headlines on its cover stories in two of its editions this week.

Ministry of Communications acting permanent secretary Sharvada Sharma claimed The Fiji Times cover stories on Monday headlined “Back to the tents” and Thursday headlined “Tube ride to school” were creating disorder for parents and students.

He said the article on Monday, January 15, 2016 with the headline “Back to the tents,” was worth clarifying that students at the Koronobu school in Ba were not schooling in tents.

“They are currently attending classes within four classrooms in a newly-reconstructed 1×4 classroom building; only the painting, tiling and installation of flashlights have yet to be completed.

“The Fiji Times cover story for Thursday, January 18, 2018 ‘Tube ride to school’ also deserves clarification, as your reporting was already outdated at the time you chose to publish.”

He said the boat in question had been repaired and had been in full operation from Wednesday.

“There is some irony in the fact that by focusing on false or outdated issues and sowing public confusion, The Fiji Times is creating the very disorder for parents and students that you inaccurately portray in your articles.

“The Ministry of Education will continue to address the real issues facing our schools, and we encourage you to follow suit,” he said.

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