Shane flies Guam’s flag at Oceania championship

GUAM is in the Oceania Weightlifting competition with lone athlete Shane Concepcion.

His coach Edgar Molinos said Concepcion was the best athlete they had who also had high chances of making the Rio, Olympics.

To take part in the 85kilograms category on Friday, Concepcion was at the Fiji Sports Council Fitness Centre yesterday touching up his techniques in lifting before time.

“We arrived on Friday, had the tactical seminar yesterday and today, so this is the first time in Fiji,” Molinos said.

On bringing in a lone athlete, he said it was because of funding.

“It was a last minute thing, we do have other athletes but we’re more concentrating on micro cup one of our competition, we only send one athlete for this Oceania and he’s one of the more hopeful for the Olympics,” he added.

Despite being the lone athlete, Molinos is confident that Guam rep Concepcion, who has been doing his own training six months ago, will break his personal best lift both in the snatch and clean and jerk.

“Expectation is for him to break his personal best; (He is lifting) 125kg in snatch and 150kg in clean and jerk.”

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