Sex abuse probe

CANBERRA, ABC – An independent investigation into claims of sex abuse and the conduct of contractors working at Nauru’s detention centre has been announced by Australian Immigration Minister Scott Morrison.

Mr Morrison said former integrity commissioner Phillip Moss would conduct the investigation.

Earlier this week claims of sexual abuse against women and children asylum seekers inside the detention centre were raised.

Labor and the Greens demanded an investigation into the claims, which included women inside the centre being regularly required to strip and exchange sexual favours with guards so they could have access to the showers.

Other claims included children being forced to have sex in front of guards at the centre.

Detainees have also held protests against the Australian Government’s $40million ($F67.6m)resettlement deal with Cambodia.

Mr Morrison said the investigation would give the government “a clear picture about what the situation” was in the Nauru detention centre.

“The matters that have been brought to my attention are concerning, certainly the allegations of sexual misconduct are abhorrent and I would be horrified to think that things of that nature have taken place,” Mr Morrison said.

“The public don’t want to be played for mugs with allegations being used as some sort of political tactic in all of this.

“Issues of sexual misconduct have to be taken very seriously and it’s incumbent on those making allegations as well as those looking at these allegations to do so in good faith and with a view of protecting the innocent.”

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