Sevens strategy

The Australian 7s team has beaten our Fiji 7s Barbarians or buildup side three times in a row in the past two tournaments.

Why? The Australian side have picked their core players of young, big, strong, fast and fit players to bond and gel into a well structured and consistent sevens team.

While the Fiji sevens side has two teams, Australia keeps building up one.

This week the second set of Fiji sevens players led by Jasa Veremalua has flown to the USA for the Silicone Valley Sevens.

If the Australian 7s team is participating, then it will be the same core team that has defeated our boys three times already.

We all want our Fiji sevens team to be the best after testing out all the best sevens players available for the 2017/18 HSBC World Sevens Series.

By the time we get to pick our final Fiji sevens team for the first leg of the HSBC Series, the Australian sevens core team have an advantage over us in the number of games and tournaments that they have been using to buildup confidence as a team.

South Africa was the most consistent team in the 2016/17 HSBC World Sevens Series, but I believe that Australia has prepared well and will be the sevens team to beat in this coming series.

I am hoping that the sevens preparation game plan currently in progress will result in picking a Fiji sevens side that will run over any well prepared core side in the coming tournaments.

Go Fiji go.

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