Sevens host bid

FRU has called on diehard fans to support Fiji’s proposal to host a rugby 7s series at home.

Indeed exciting times for all rugby lovers.

I plead with the nation to join hands in order to make this long-time dream come true.

In 2000, Fiji hosted the Fiji International 7s tournament after the Wellington 7s.

Our boys belted the All Blacks in the Cake Tin but a week later the tide turned against us as the All Blacks took revenge, winning in style for the first time on our home soil.

The All Blacks edged Fiji 31-5 in the cup final.

In the plate final, Argentina beat Africa 17-14, while PNG took the bowl competition after defeating Tonga 21-17.

Fiji proved to the world that it was capable of hosting a tournament.

Our flying Fijians are Olympic gold medallists and we deserve an opportunity to host a tournament and show the world that we are equally capable of hosting international teams.

Fiji has the best hotels, facilities, training grounds, infrastructure and communications and whatever is pending as per World Rugby requirements can be developed in the next two years.

The likes of Serevi, Rasta and DJ Forbes have supported Fiji’s bid to host a tournament.

Serevi has already taken an active role in promoting Fiji.

But he cannot do this alone and will need everybody’s support.

It is important that the world sees how passionate we Fijians are about rugby and how committed we are to host international teams.

It is my plea to every Fijian to rally behind the FRU and our rugby ambassadors and register their support on website and also win a trip to see the Hong Kong 7s.

The more the merrier so we should start sending each other reminders and not to leave it too late.

The ball is in our court. It’s the hour to unite and ignite our dreams of seeing big names play before us.

I commend FRU and its general manager Brian Thorburn for this campaign.

It’s now or never Fiji! All the best to the FRU taskforce in this bid!

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