Seven roads closed in the Central Division

MEMBERS of the public are being advised take extra precaution while travelling in the Central Division as some roads are closed to all traffic.

Fiji Roads Authority (FRA) in a statement issued today is advising motorists to take care and do not drive into water of unknown depth and current.

Seven roads are closed in the Central Division:

  • Naboro Cocoa Crossing, Naboro Cocoa Road, Korovou
  •  Waimalua Crossing, Nawiwaivusa Road, Korovou
  •  Wairua Crosssing, Wairua Settlement Road, Tamavua
  •  Waidradra Crossing, Vatulili Road, Naqali
  •  Waiwatu Crossing, Navulokani Road, Naqali
  •  Naivoco Crossing, Naivoco Road, Korovou
  •  Colata Cocoa Crossing, Colata Cocoa Road, Korovou

If you have any queries call the FRA on toll free number 5720.

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