Seven drug-related arrests in two days: Police

Police logo: Picture: FILE.

FIJIAN Police made a total of seven drug-related arrests in separate incidents in the last two days.

Among those arrested are two high school students.

Police arrested and detained a 28-year-old woman of MacFarland Road, Raiwai after she was found to be in possession of a small clear plastic containing white crystals believed to be methamphetamine.

In another incident, a 24-year-old man of Nadoria in Rewa was arrested after information received led to the confiscation of dried leaves believed to be marijuana.

He is now in Police custody.

In a separate incident, two students of Bhawani Dayal Arya College were arrested on Thursday.

“Both 16-year-olds were alleged to have in their possession a black plastic bag containing leaves believed to be marijuana,” Police said.

Meanwhile, a 28-year-old man of Sabeto Nadi is now in Police custody after he was found in possession of a sachet of dried leaves believed to be marijuana.

He was arrested at Koroivolu, Nadi.

Another 25-year-old man was arrested yesterday at Koroivolu Park for allegedly being in possession of one sachet of dried leaves suspected to be marijuana.

The man is in Police custody as well.

Police also reported that 12 bullets of dried leaves wrapped in aluminium foil believed to be marijuana was found in the possession of a 54-year-old man of Nailaga, Ba.

The suspect was arrested at the Ba market and is now in custody while the drugs have been sent for analysis.

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