Setting good, high standards

Tacirua Primary School prefects during their benediction this month. Picture: ANA MADIGIBULI

THE school heads for Jeremiah Raibevu College and Tacirua Primary School hope to set good and high standards in their final year at the two schools.

Rusiate Raibevu and Ashmita Kumar were inducted as school heads of Jeremiah Raibevu College while Emily Grace Adiravu and Isireli Raibevu were inducted as school heads of Tacirua Primary School this month.

Rusiate Raibevu who hails and has maternal links to Kalabu Village in Naitasiri said the new role would allow him to set good examples.

“I’m not here to only lead but to also serve,” the 18-year-old head boy said.

“There were a lot of other capable students who could have been selected as the head boy, so it came as a real surprise to me.

“Even though it came as a surprise, it is still God’s calling on my life.”

He said he was grateful to have his grandmother there to support him.

“There are nine of us at home and my father is the sole provider. He works in Lautoka, so having my grandmother here to witness the induction is great,” he said.

“Most times we eat produce from our farm.

“One important scriptural message that we have at home is that it is better that we live happily together at home eating rourou daily then eat something delicious but be in dispute with each other. I hope to work happily as such with my fellow leaders this year so we can have a happy environment in school.

“We will try and uplift the school standard this year and help the teachers as much as we can as leaders.”

He said there were a lot of children at the school that were raised by single parents or raised by either their grandmothers or grandfathers.

“I want to show that we can achieve a lot of things when we work together even with the backgrounds we come from,” he said. Jeremiah Raibevu College head girl, Ashmita Kumar said being selected as a head girl in an iTaukei dominated school was quite different.

“I hope to be a good example and help my peers uphold the school rules,” the 17-year-old head girl said.

“I’m thankful for having my parents here to witness my badging. They have been very supportive towards my education.”

Tacirua Primary School head girl Emily Grace Adiravu who hails and has maternal links to Lovoni Village in Ono-i-Lau, Lau said she was happy to be selected as the school’s head girl.

“My mum is here to support me during this special day,” she said.

“I was a prefect in most of my junior years at school and to finish my school year as the head girl means a lot to me and my family. I’m really grateful for what I have been given.”

Isireli Raibevu who hails from Kalabu Village in Naitasiri is Tacirua Primary School’s head boy. The 13-year-old who has maternal links to Vanuaso Village in Gau thanked his mother for always pushing him to achieve big dreams.

“My mum was slightly sick this week, but she made the effort to come and witness my badging as the school’s head boy,” he said.

“I’m grateful to her, for being here on this special day. My message to the prefects and students is for all of us to work hard this year so we can pass our examinations. I hope we become successful so we can also provide for our parents who took care of us when we were young.”

About 101 prefects were inducted as leaders with the Minister for Public Works, Meteorological Services and Transport, Ro Filipe Tuisawau as chief guest at the both induction ceremonies.

Prefects and heads of Jeremiah Raibevu College with the Public Works, Meteorological
Services and Transport Minister, Ro Filipe Tuisawau (centre standing) during their
prefect induction ceremony this month. Picture: ANA MADIGIBULI

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