Set on challenge

EPELI Rabua believes a nation like Fiji can match powerhouse countries in the world in any sport on the day.

Rabua represents Fiji in swimming at the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast, Australia.

He finished fourth in his heat during the 50 metre butterfly in 26.35sec. In the 50m breaststroke he came fifth in his heat in 1 minute 05.56sec.

He will compete in the 100 metres breaststroke and 50m freestyle today.

“We are going there from a small country, but we can match any powerhouse swimming nation in the world,” Rabua said.

“Big countries such as South Africa, England and Australia are the toughest teams in swimming, but I will give my best.

“The biggest decision was to change my club and it was not an easy decision after I made the personal decision to move from Race Club to Dolphin Swim Club with Sharon Smith-Pickering.”

Rabua’s biggest fear is from spiders, but once he jumps into the swimming pool all his fears vanish and he only concentrates on his events and the nation.

Rabua said he started playing rugby and soccer and later took up swimming as his favourite sport, and today through sports he is competing in the Commonwealth Games.

“It is my first Commonwealth Games and being named in the squad is a big achievement for me. I have a very good support system around me which motivates me,” Rabua said.

“Spiders are my biggest fear in life. I just hate spiders and not even small spiders.

“I had a few setbacks as I was on a drip in the hospital.

“I was out of the water for about a week and a half. I had overworked and did not take a rest.”

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