Set for the big race

PUNTER Michael Bonnar loves to test his luck when it comes to the Melbourne Cup —— the race that stops the nation in Australia.

The 69-year-old said betting was all about luck.

“I have been betting in the Melbourne Cup since the 1980s and I am still part of the journey and am betting in the Melbourne Cup,” he said.

“It has been on and off as you cannot win all the time as sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.

“It has to do with luck. The maximum I have won was $800 in the late 1990s and that was the most I won until today.”

Mr Bonnar was at the Grants Betting house in Suva yesterday closely following all the horses in the race.

He returned home to analyse the horses before coming back to place his bet today.

“There are 24 horses and it will be very hard to predict which one will come out the winner. I will be picking the first four horses which will complete in the race,” he said.

“It is a hard job.

“My advice to the young people is not to come and bet because they will lose all their money. I am planning to place a $50 bet.”

Grants Betting general manager Vijendra Sundar said last year’s winner Almandin was the top favourite to win again.

“Because of the wet weather we had a low turnout today (yesterday), but we are expecting a big turnout tomorrow before the race starts,” he said.

“All our shops will open at 7am tomorrow (today) to allow people to come and place their bets on their favourite horses.”

The race starts at 5pm.

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