Service provider reaches out to clients

Vodafone Fiji chief operating officer Ronald Prasad. Picture: FILE

Vodafone Fiji has undertaken a number of activities in terms of reaching out to their tourism based clients.

According to chief commercial officer Ronald Prasad these were in regards to understanding what the new requirements was going to be.

“There is a number of teams that are on the ground as we speak in terms of analysing the performance of the network and just making sure that from a performance point of view, and also from a cyclone preparedness point of view, that all the necessary work is undertaken,” he said.

“A lot of the hospitality and tourism operators had suspended numbers, had downgraded links etc because of the low traffic.

“And this is the time that is used by our teams to engage with them and ensure that those links are all activated numbers activated tested to ensure that when the board is open, everything is good to go.”

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