Service improvement

TELECOM Fiji is expected to work closely with other subsidiaries in the ATH Group to leverage existing resources and minimise infrastructure duplications.

TFL chief executive officer Mothilal De Silva said they would continue to enhance infrastructure and services with an aim to meet customer demands and further improve service delivery.

“In order to ensure enterprise-wide concerted effort and goal congruence, the company introduced and implemented a robust performance management framework aligned to its overall strategic plan,” he said.

“Furthermore, an enteprise program management office has been established to ensure key strategic initiatives are implemented effectively and efficiently.”

On top of a positive financial performance for 2014-2015, Mr De Silva said Telecom Fiji continued to monitor service delivery functions and performance.

“Those were areas of concern in terms of revenue realisation and customer satisfaction,” he said.

“The company’s service delivery matrix has improved tremendously in the last 12 months and this is reflected in its customer satisfaction ratings and revenue growth.”

He said the company had focused on four broad strategies to achieve a profit of $18.49million for the financial year ending March 31, 2015.

Mr De Silva said the targeted cost rescaling and resources rationalisation strategies had resulted in organisational restructuring and transformation.

“The improvements in business performance have been stimulated by more efficient utilisation of existing resources within the company,” he said.