Serve God to the fullest

Na Marama na Tunidau Ro Litiana Cokanasiga Colauto Valenitabua speaks to guests at her 80th birthday celebration at the Soqosoqo Vakamarama Hall in Nabua, Suva. Picture: SUPPLIED

TO live long right to the age of 80 is God’s gift of blessing.

For many years, Ro Litiana Cokanasiga Colauto Valenitabua has served her family, vanua and the church with pride and humility.

Her life is such that she has always regarded her extended family members as her own children and she had adopted this same love and affection from her own parents and as she looked back on her upbringing, she attributed her family’s success to her faithful God for giving her a big heart to love each and every person she meets in life.

A month ago, family members and loved one of Na Marama na Tunidau, a tribal chief of Nukui in Rewa celebrated the 80th birthday of their own mother, grandmother and a respected leader.

Na Marama Na Tunidau is a traditional title she succeeded from her father the late Tunidau, Setareki Cokanasiga.

It was a celebration of life and blessings and a day to thank Ro Litiana for living a life full of humility, respect and love.

Her 80th birthday was also significant as she was able to witness God’s blessing to her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

The birthday celebration was quite an emotional moment for her family as they shed tears of joy and were proud to celebrate the life of a dedicated woman who has served her family and entire community for many years.

Her mother was Ro Salanieta Vilikia Mataitini, the eldest of nine children of the late Vunivalu of Rewa Ro Etuate Navakamocea Mataitini.

She married the late Simione Valenitabua of the Yavusa Matanikoro of Rewa and they had eight children, 33 grandchildren and 52 great-grandchildren.

Their eldest son is renowned Fijian lawyer Simione Valenitabua; the second is retired school principal Setareki Valenitabua, Bola Valenitabua a lecturer at the School of Maritime, Sevuloni Valenitabua a seafarer and her grandchildren who have also become successful career people in their own fields.

But Ms Valenitabua attributed all her life success to her late parents who taught her to live a life of humility, respect and service. She also believed respect played a vital role in a person’s life.

“You have to discipline yourself in everything you do,” Ms Valenitabua said.

“Do to others what you want others to do to you. I do love my children. Now I am experiencing that same love and care from my children and grandchildren.

“To young people, value your life as a gift from God, do what is right, be self-disciplined and you will be blessed with living a long life.”

Ms Valenitabua has also urged young people to observe and practise self-discipline, respect their family, in particular, their parents and respect other people.

Fresh food, she believes is healthy for the body. “Serve God to the fullest and live a happy life.”

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