September weather ‘varied across Fiji’

Rainfall last month varied across the country, with FMS confirming that six out of the 24 rainfall monitoring stations registering well below average rainfall. Picture: JOVESA NAISUA

A NUMBER of places around the country continued to be in meteorological drought at the end of last month.

According to the Fiji Climate Summary for September issued by the Fiji Meteorological Service, the meteorological drought affected grasslands, shallow-rooted plants and small water bodies such as small water tanks, creeks and streams.

The report said the climate for September “varied across the country”.

The report confirmed that six out of the 24 rainfall monitoring stations registered well below average rainfall.

“In general, rainfall activity picked up in the month after a significantly dry July and August,” the summary revealed.

“While some much needed rainfall was also registered in the Western Division, it was still significantly dry with less than half the normal total monthly rainfall recorded at majority of the stations.”

It said rainfall in the Western Division ranged from 8 millimetres to 63mm during September, while it normally received 65mm to 115mm.

“Extended periods of dry days continued, with only one rainy day registered at Lautoka mill with Ba to Yaqara corridor and as well as Momi and Yasawa-i-Rara registering less than five rainy days.”

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