Senior citizen takes everything with a smile

Tui Macuata Ratu Wiliame Katoivere and resident Durga Prasad meet up during the Fiji Senior Citizens Week celebration at the Labasa Golden Age Home. Picture LUKE RAWALAI/FILE

AT the age of 94, Labasa Golden Age Home resident Durga Prasad says the basic rule of making life bearable at his age is to take everything with a smile.

In an interview during the Fiji Senior Citizens Week celebration in Labasa yesterday, the outspoken Taveuni native said he had to resort to the home after his relatives passed on while his grandchildren and great-grandchildren have all moved overseas.

Mr Prasad said in his situation, he could not complain much, adding he was thankful for the staff and friends he had made at the home.

“I take everything with a smile and live life as it comes because at this age, you can only be thankful, but there are times when I miss my family members and often wonder about what has happened to my grandchildren,” he said.

“I find closure with the other residents at the home and share in their joys and sorrow because they are the only family that I have.”

Also speaking during the celebration, another resident Peter Sinclair said senior residents continued to be forgotten in community development.

Mr Sinclair said they needed to be included in these developments and their views acknowledged.

“We are still a part of you and we need to be a part of your lives, celebrations and achievements,” he said.

Residents at the home marked the day in their bula wear.

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