Self defence

WITH recent cases of bullying, sex assaults, violence, car-jacking, robbery, rape, etc, it’s about time we need to stop this indecent act and tell the perpetrators enough is enough.

Remember life is a gift. It is also unpredictable. Self-defence helps to prepare you for sudden situations and develops, and increases mental and physical wellbeing. Be proactive. It may be hard to imagine being attacked by a stranger, but it happens every day. These attacks occur without warning. These issues are prevalent in the Pacific and in this beautiful nation that we call our home.

While the fact remains, Fijians and Pacific Islanders should seriously contemplate protecting themselves and their families.

I think it would be wise for the Ministry of Education to look into self-defence classes being included in school activities, etc. By learning the basics of self-defence, you help prepare yourself for dangerous and unforeseen circumstances.

So, guard your heart, guard your life, guard your family. Learn self-defence.

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