Selective tender process

THE Public Service Commission (PSC) has moved from open tender to selective tender process for Government quarters.

The outsourcing of policy for Government quarters was highlighted at the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) meeting in Suva last week.

PAC committee member Aseri Radrodro posed a question for PSC to elaborate on this process and whether it continued to coincide with the rules that PSC had taken over.

Mr Radrodro said breaches of outsourcing policy were highlighted in the 2010 Auditor-General’s Report.

PSC permanent secretary Parmesh Chand said the outsourcing policy and procurement procedure went hand-in-hand where one could not have an outsourcing policy in an out-dated procurement policy.

“The major tenders board provisions is still aligned to what the whole of the Government tender process used to be without full-fledged outsourcing tender policy,” Mr Chand said.

He said some conflicts had risen from the outsourcing policy, adding continuous improvements had been made with a more modern practice in place.

For example, he said, the Government tenders board initially focused on open tender and much of the outsourcing policy was brought in to speed things up and allow for the best supplier on time delivery and most efficient supplier for the contractor to perform their services.

This, he said, would save cost, and timely and efficient deliveries.

“The selective tender process was setting up of a panel of contractors using the Fiji Procurement Office.”

He said the selective tender processes were working well with Government housing.

For this, he added, there was a quick turnaround time from good contractors.

“If Government quarters tend to run in a business-like manner, there has to be some changes in the way we procure contractors.”

He said a waiver was brought in to allow for reforms where Government quarters were also part of the reforms.

Committee chairman Professor Biman Prasad said the PAC would not like to see it as a normal process.

Prof Biman saw this as a transitional process where they were undertaking reforms and needed an immediate attention to construction and renovation of some buildings.

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