Selective ban on the use of fireworks

The public is being reminded on the safe and proper use of fireworks this festive season. Picture: FILE

THE public is being reminded on the safe and proper use of fireworks this festive season.

The Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism in a statement says fireworks have been declared dangerous under the Trade Standards and Quality Control Act 1992 (Act).

As such, there is a selective ban on the use of fireworks, since 2004.

Permanent Secretary, Shaheen Ali said “This selective ban was placed pursuant to Section 32 of the Act, outlining a list of permitted and non-permitted fireworks that can be supplied and manufactured in Fiji. Furthermore, in 2005, the Trade Standards (Shopgoods Fireworks Labeling Standard) Order 2005 came into effect, which provides mandatory labeling requirements. The Standard requires that all fireworks sold are labeled with warning, instruction of use and description of principal effects of the fireworks.”

Mr Ali further stated the Ministry is conducting inspections of retail outlets this week and will continue over the long weekend, in an effort to ensure compliance with all the relevant requirements.

The inspections are being conducted in all the Divisions.

“Over the years we have noted considerable improvement in the compliance by the retailers of fireworks around Fiji,” Mr Ali said.

“Any trader found in breach of any of the laws can face prosecution and fines of up to $25,000 and/or imprisonment of not exceeding 3 years and on spot fines of $2,000 for any breach of the selective ban and the labelling requirements.

“Consumers and retailers are urged to act responsibly when selling or purchasing fireworks. Fireworks are explosives not toys and should be handled responsibly and with caution.”

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