Second reading session

Vunilagi Settlement children all eager to start with the reading program. Picture: VUNILAGI BOOK CLUB

ON Saturday, February 29, Vunilagi had its second reading session of the year.

We began by welcoming four new volunteers, Alisi, Varanisese, Salome and Taraesu. Most of the new volunteers were mothers who brought their children to join the reading. Together with Roko, Akanisi, Pearl, Olivia, Koto and Nic, Vunilagi had another full house with 41 children.

Pearl’s reading session began on time at 9.30am, followed by Olivia and Varanisese who read the book “You’re My Big Brother” to the children.

This book was chosen because it reinforced the rules which Vunilagi children are asked to follow: be kind and respectful to one another, listen to the volunteers and to one another, and take care of the books.

We then broke out into groups to read for 15 minutes – one of the highlights was watching two of Vunilagi’s best readers (Akash and Shirani) take the lead and read to their own groups.

Afterwards, we practised singing the Samoan version of “read your Bible” (taught to us in 2019 by George Carter) before eating fruit and drinking water Vunilagi volunteers prepared fruits and water using gloves are washed and re-used to limit our plastic usage. Thank you to Bula Broads for gifting gloves.

Children were asked wash their hands before eating so proper hygiene practices are in place ensure safe washing and eating procedures.

Core team volunteer Koto Qalo led our third session for 2020 on Saturday, March 14.

Thank you for all the continued support.

* Nic Halter, is a Kaila! contributor.

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