Sebastian “The Sniper” to defend title

Sebastian Singh during training at Samabula gym yesterday. Picture ATU RASEA

Sebastian Singh during training at Samabula gym. Picture ATU RASEA/FILE

BOXER Sebastian “The Sniper” Singh will defend his middle weight title against Siliveni Nawai next weekend.

Sing said it will be a tough fight.

“It has taken two years to finally have this match,” he said.

“Nawai was up there making his name in another weight while I made my name in a different division.

“Unfortunately I grew and I had to move up in a middle weight division and although Nawai was the number one contender I had to fight other fights to actually get this title.

“Now putting my title on the line has put more pressure on me and I know I will win without a doubt.

The fight will be at Prince Charles Park next weekend.

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