Seasonal workers reminded to keep up with the good performance

Part of the of 20 Fijian seasonal workers returning to work in Australia. Picture: SUPPLIED

A GROUP of 20 Fijian seasonal workers are returning for a second time to Australia upon the request of their previous employer.

A Government statement issued today said the National Employment Centre under the Ministry of Employment, Productivity and Industrial Relations farewelled the group who will be deployed under the Australia Seasonal Worker Programme leaving Fiji today.

The group was reminded to remain focused and be role models to other aspiring candidates when working overseas.

Majority of these returning workers were from the first group of Rotumans to go on the program.

They will be employed by Fruitico based at the horticultural farm which harvests oranges and is the first farm in Western Australia that NEC has sent workers to.

Director NEC, Lui Mario reminded the returning seasonal workers to keep up with the good performance as they are representing Fiji and not just their families or their villages.

“You are not going as an individual from your village or your district, you’re representing Fiji. So make Fiji proud and your families will be proud too. Be prepared and be on time as your good performance can pave the way for more Fijians to be involved in the scheme.”

He also reminded the group on maintaining their discipline and looking after each other in a foreign country.

There are only two employers registered with the Australian Government in Western Australia that Fiji is engaged with – Fruitico and Cabel Beach Resort and Spa.

These boys were identified by the employer via a local worker that had previously worked for the farm.

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