Seasonal workers

So it now takes two governments to find and return 18 Fijian seasonal workers who are still on the run in Australia (FT 18/10).

With the kind of fitness test they went through, they are now putting it into some use by running for their lives in a country of opportunities.

It has resulted in the employer’s decision to recruit only 33 workers this year.

This is indeed a sad situation.

Sixteen workers who got the nod in an early batch are now going for the second time because a certain employer spoke highly of their performances.

The permanent secretary has given them her blessings in sending them off with her plea to continue with good work for the sake of their countrymen who are eager to be considered.

Yet, a team from the same ministry is at a remote part of Fiji with the minister holding public consultations and registering new recruits.

Two years ago, we were told that the seasonal workers program was initiated as a way to solve the problem of unemployment in Fiji.

May I ask what has happened to the applications of Fijians who have gone through NEC during that period?

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