Search for talents

With the Marist Sevens tournament in full force, I urge rugby house and the sevens officials including the mastermind Baber, to use this opportunity to select capable players vying for a national jumper.

I feel the best is yet to come. We have two very pulsating and tense tournaments coming up with the Mecca of sevens Hong Kong kicking off next week.

Then we have the big one unfolding a week later — the Commonwealth Games. All eyes would be on the performance of the players that would be selected and the manner in which they would be playing.

There has to be absolute brilliance and teamwork similar to the way our boys outclassed other elite teams during the 2016 Olympics.

Let’s hope that Fiji rugby unleashes some deadly and lethal weapons from its armoury so that it becomes extremely difficult for other teams to stop us.

I wish Baber all the best in selecting the best players to represent Fiji in the Mecca of sevens as well as the Commonwealth Games and probably lift the Holy Grail on both battlefields.

All the best to the stars from the islands.

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