Sealed with a kiss

Nikki Pichon and Roger Smith had been searching for a place to seal their love and lifetime bond they started seven years ago.

It just so happened that the couple came up with the idea of having their wedding in Fiji — a place they knew was home to some of the nicest people they had ever met.

Although the couple live in Australia, they preferred a simple, yet meaningful wedding away from home so they decided that having it in Fiji was just right for both of them.

Their plans fell into place when Nikki, 32, a banker married the love of her life Roger, 37, a distribution manager, overlooking the beauty of the Coral Coast seas bound by the beautiful Fijian culture and friendliness of the Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort family.

This special day, although a very simple one, was very meaningful to the couple because marriage to both of them meant love, unity and family and this was just the perfect time to appreciate the bond they have shared for several years.

This special day held recently at Outrigger, which is a 10-minute drive from Sigatoka Town towards Suva, was attended by 10 guests from New Zealand and Australia.

Nikki looked stunning on the day with a colourful Camilla dress and all she wanted was a simple look with no hairdo or make-up. Her husband wore a traditional Samoan shirt with black lavalava.

It was all planned out to be a very simple wedding and the couple went without a bridesmaid and best man and all they wanted was a day where they just had to be special by themselves in front of their close family members and loved ones.

With the beauty of nature and the Outrigger environment, Nikki and Roger couldn’t have longed for anything better than sharing this special bond with simplicity and true love.

While there are no plans for a honeymoon as yet, the couple believe this journey is the beginning of many better things to come for their family.

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