Sea wall plan to save villages

THE Serua provincial administrator is seeking funds for the construction of sea walls for several villages being exposed to the impacts of climate change.

In his presentation during the Serua Provincial Council meeting in Navua last Friday, Ravindra Narayan highlighted the plight faced by these villages during high tides.

He said they had sought funding from the National Disaster Management Office under its Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) program.

These villages include Togoru in Navua and Sadro in Deuba, Serua.

“They are exposed to the impacts of climate change. During high tide they are inundated with coastal intrusion so the only mitigation factor now is to put up sea walls,” Mr Narayan said.

“The question of relocating them is a big process and for some of these areas sentimental issues are attached.

“But the immediate measure is to put up sea walls to avoid coastal inundation for these villages.”

He says because the DRR program had a $2 million allocation, they will try to source funds from other avenues.

“We are working with other NGOs and government agencies to address all these issues currently seen as having huge impacts on the villages.”

The construction of seawalls in these areas is expected to cost more than $100,000 for each project.

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