Scripture writing can be a solution: Heck

Gospel High School principal Immanuel Prasad (second from left) with guest speaker Susan Heck and teachers after their seminar at the Samabula Gospel Chapel yesterday. Picture: JONA KONATACI

SCRIPTURE writing can be a solution for students other than corporal punishment.

This was highlighted by a counselor at the National Association of Certified Biblical Counselors in America, Susan Heck during a behavioural management seminar to teachers of Gospel High School and Gospel Primary School at the Samabula Gospel Chapel yesterday.

She said the issues faced by students in Fiji were the same issues faced by students in America.

“Some of the suggestions for corporal punishment were whatever the situation the child was in whether it was bullying, or cheating on a test or lying or showing disrespect was to give them a writing assignment based on the scriptures,” she said.

“Sometimes children are unfortunately in broken homes and they don’t have the help from parents to teach them these things.”

Gospel High School principal, Immanuel Prasad said the seminar was beneficial to all the teachers.

“It is important for schools to have parental engagement because these days there are a lot of problems that we see emanating from the schools is originating from the home,” Mr Prasad said.