Scope for more Fijian products on Amazon

THERE is scope for more Fiji-based businesses to sell products on the world’s fastest growing online shopping site, Amazon.

This was the message shared during two e-commerce meetings held in Nadi and Suva this week by the Pacific Invest Australia and Fiji Export Council in Suva and Nadi.

According to Pacific Trade Invest general manager for export Jeremy Grennell, global online sales were exploding around the world.

“We want Pacific companies to have a piece of that action,” he said.

One of the platforms that could provide companies with this mileage is Amazon, the billion dollar company which recently set up shop in Australia.

Now, organisations such as Pacific Trade Invest are working with partner agencies in the region to help boost Pacific Island presence among online retailers.

Mr Grennell said one of the reasons businesses could benefit from Amazon was the minimal amount of logistics required for businesses.

“The beauty of Amazon is that you deliver it to their warehouse and they’ll look after the shipping and delivery and payment to consumers in Australia and they’ll pay the money to you.

“All the logistics in getting the product to the individual is taken out of the picture because Amazon looks after that and it is a very efficient business model for Fijian exporters to tap into.” He said this was a great model for businesses who did not have websites.

“Rather than going forward with the expense of having their own website, setting up a shopping platform where they need external resources, they can use the Amazon platform to sell their products.”

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