Schools in Ba, Tavua remain closed

SCHOOLS in Ba and Tavua will remain closed today.

In a statement released by Government yesterday, the Education Ministry confirmed that schools in Nadi, Lautoka, Rakiraki, Nadroga, Navosa and Sigatoka will open for classes, but with the exception of the Lovu Sangam School, Mataso Primary School, Nabala District School and Tokaimalo District School.

All schools in the Northern and Central divisions will be open for classes today, while schools in the Eastern Division would also be open, but with the exception of schools on Kadavu.

Parents have been advised to use their own discretion and assess flood conditions in their area prior to sending their children to school becuse there is still extensive flooding in some areas in the country.

The ministry reiterated that all teachers staffed at schools that were opened for classes were expected to attend work.

“In addition, teachers staffed at all schools in Ba and Tavua should report to work to assist with preparations necessary to reopen schools. However, teachers living in areas badly affected by flood conditions should also evaluate conditions in their area before reporting to work.

“The Ministry of Education and disaster officials will continue to monitor the situation and provide regular updates as to when all schools can be safely reopened for students and teachers.”

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