Schools celebrate International Day of Forests and World Water Day

Mana SDA Primary School head Ben Turner and students pose with their yasi plant last week. Picture: SUPPLIED

Mana SDA Primary School head Ben Turner and students pose with their yasi plant last week. Picture: SUPPLIED

The Mamanuca Environment Society is committed to raising awareness on the need to protect natural resource from the ridge to reefs of the Mamanuca Region and to assist in the environmentally sustainable development of these resources for the benefit of present and future generations.

The society held it’s annual School Program World Marked Environment celebration in two of its three island schools on Malolo last month on March 21 and 22.

Every year, this is organised for the three island schools to commemorate world environment celebrations namely: International Day of Forests on March 21, World Water Day on March 22 and World Meteorological Day on March 23.

The celebration is a major highlight for the Mamanuca Environment Education program with various activities based on the theme of each event.

On Wednesday March 21, marked International Day of Forests with the theme: “Forests and Sustainable Cities”.

While people around Fiji and the world celebrated this worthy cause, the students of Mana SDA Primary on Mana Island with a school roll of 54, conducted their own celebrations.

“Forests play a key role in our lives and they depend on us as much as we depend on them”, these were the words of Sigatoka Forestry Division forester, Meli Tamani, who officially opened the celebrations in the school as chief guest.

Mr Tamani said the marked event provided a platform to raise awareness on the importance of forests and its significance and ways they help sustain not only the land but the people as well.

He added that talasiga lands like Malolo were in need of reforestation activities, these in years to come would grow to become luscious green forests that would help circulate climate, provide a place of shelter, medicine and food. He urged students to make an effort to avoid cutting and burning of trees and encouraged them to continue planting.

On the following day, Namamanuca Primary School on Yanuya Island, commemorated World Water Day. Students and parents came out in numbers to show their support for the event.

The students of Namamanuca were fortunate to have representatives from the Water Authority of Fiji Western office; Winnie Hoyte, Fanny Roboiliku, Anasa Naikelekelevesi and Semi Cakacaka, who were the invited guests for the day and spoke about the significance of the world marked event and its theme for this year “Nature for Water”.

Students were involved in colouring, drawing, poster and essay competitions.

The highlight of the event was a costume parade by Year 1 and 2 where their costumes highlighted the theme for both respective events.

Both events ended with a tree-planting activity in line with the Mamanuca Environment Society’s US Embassy Regional Environment Reforestation project.

The native plants for this tree-planting activity included vesi, yasi, teak and mango plants which were provided by the society’s generous partners including the Ministry of Forests and Ministry of Agriculture. Students of both schools also came prepared with their own native and fruiting plants sourced from within their village and these were all planted within the school premises to commemorate both celebrations.

The Mamanuca Environment Society wishes to thank major sponsors of the event FMF Foods Ltd and Goodman Fielder for providing the school prizes, giveaways and refreshments for the celebrations and putting smiles on the children’s faces. World Meteorological Day was celebrated at Malolo District School on Thursday.

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