School zoning

One of the main topics regarding the education sector which is in discussion now is the zoning issue.

Many perspectives have been raised by different parties with regard to this issue especially responding to the Education Minister’s comment that he will fix headteachers and principals if they are found accepting students who were not within the zone of their schools.

The Fiji Times 20/10/16 highlighted an article, by Serafina Silaitoga titled Zoning breach, about the two schools in Labasa that the Government had deducted grant money from and the amounts are substantial.

The reason given by the ministry through the education official Seliama Lesi and I quote “A sa musuka a matanitu baleta na talai dredre ni tubutubu” (The Government deducted because parents disobeyed).” I find the reason ridiculous and illogical.

My advice to the education sector is please do not punish the schools for it will definitely affect the children and so spoil the impact of your vision and mission for promoting education, however, I believe you must revisit your free education policies and let the parents who would like to choose schools for their children outside their zones pay for their children’s education, simple as that.

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