School zoning

I initially believed that our Education Minister continued to have an unwavering stance regarding the implementation of the school zoning policy.

He sternly stated that if schools failed to adhere to this new approach, they would be slapped with severe repercussions.

Now we learn that the minister has mellowed down a little and is now willing to consider exemptions (FT 21/10). No doubt a sigh of relief for parents and students as this opportunity offers them to select the schools based in certain aspects, for example vernacular course offerings.

I believe it would have been ideal for the minister to engage in nationwide consultations first with parents and relevant stakeholders to gather the pros and cons of this exercise.

Such discussions would have aided the minister strategically, and it would have saved a lot of parents from stress and anxiety.

Too much confusion and headache right now.

Nishant Singh


Dollar revaluation

Has it ever surfaced during any debate in Parliament that we should revalue our dollar?

The ripple effect might just be favourable for those earning below the poverty line.

Just a thought.

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