School zoning

EDUCATION Minister Mahendra Reddy says there will be certain exceptions to the ministry’s zoning policy.

In a statement released yesterday, Dr Reddy listed some situations where exceptions of the zoning policy could be made.

“We will see such exceptional cases and act up to it for the good of the child’s future,” Dr Reddy said.

The situations could include preferences to take up vernacular subjects, for example, Hindi studies, Na Vosa Vaka Viti, Urdu which may not be offered by all schools; preferences for certain subject combinations which may not be available in the nearest school or attending religious studies at faith-based schools hence, attending schools outside the zone.

However, Dr Reddy clarified that students already in a school outside a zone may continue at their current schools.

He added that the zoning policy would ensure that there was no overcrowding of students in some schools.

“Zoning policy means students must enrol and attend the school in their zones,” Dr Reddy said.

“Free choices in school enrolments will be restricted and this will further lead to the improvement of quality performance by all schools.”

He also highlighted that overcrowding led to rapid increases in the teacher to student ratio.

“This in turn causes stress to available school resources as well. While we are investing a lot of resources to improve quality at all schools, we are concerned about the decline in the enrolment numbers in the other schools,” he said.

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