School soli

THE Gau Secondary School Old Scholars Association organised a fundraising drive at the Suva Methodist Primary School in Suva yesterday to upgrade their school’s facilities.

Association member Malakai Gucake said they were planning to collect around $20,000.

“Over the years, it is seen back in Gau that children leave from there and come to Suva seeking education because of the facilities of schools over here. The school is facing a lot of difficulties in terms of funds,” Mr Gucake said.

“The main aim is to keep the high school students of Gau on Gau. The parents want them to have good facilities with a good learning environment. For example, they want to have computer labs and other facilities.”

Mr Gucake also said that since the establishment of the school in 1971, the school’s kitchen had remained unchanged.

“The old scholars want to change this. Now, they are still cutting firewood for cooking. It is a boarding school. We want to purchase gas stoves and all that,” he said.

He added the response they had received so far was overwhelming.

More than 150 ex-scholars from around the country were part of yesterday’s fundraising drive.

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