School loses classrooms

ABOUT 300 students of Saint John’s College in Levuka are without classrooms after the devastation caused by Severe Tropical Cyclone Keni.

This was confirmed by the school’s principal, Alosio Saukuru yesterday.

Mr Saukuru said the school was badly damaged and they were in desperate need for funds to rebuild so that students could continue their classes normally.

“The destruction occurred around 5pm yesterday (Tuesday) and this is the second destruction to the school since the last severe damage by TC Winston in 2016,” Mr Saukuru said.

“We are lucky that no student or teacher was injured at the time of the destruction.”

He said the building that was damaged consisted of three Year 9 classrooms, a Year 10 classroom, three Year 12 classrooms and three staff rooms.

“This was an old building that was reconstructed after TC Winston and now the roof has blown off again,” he said.

Mr Saukuru estimated damage to building would be between $40,000 to $50,000. He is requesting relevant authorities for assistance.

“We are in need of 187 desks and 162 chairs for the students,” he added.

Mr Saukuru said exams would begin today and the students would be using the dining hall tables as their desks.

The school has 608 students.

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