School holds annual pageant and cultural show

ADI Cakobau School continued its yearly tradition by setting up the biggest ever Water Lily Pageant and cultural show that attracted thousands of students, alumnae and parents to the school grounds in Sawani yesterday.

Permanent secretary for the Ministry of Education, Heritage and Arts Iowane Tiko said such pageants would nurture youths by giving them a platform to speak out on issues they were passionate about.

“Our young people’s lives may be tainted with stress, alienation and misunderstanding but their innate hopefulness and burning desire to forge better lives for themselves remains undimmed and is a source of inspiration,” he said.

“We must develop the moral imagination and courage to allow our children to develop into well-rounded individuals.”

“The Water Lily Pageant and cultural show is an avenue where our young people can be seen and given a voice.”

Mr Tiko said ACS was known for its academic excellence and achievements in sports and other extracurricular activities, therefore, he believed the school had the tendency to achieve greater things since its establishment 69 years ago.

School principal Arieta Yauvoli said the pageant provided a platform for students to develop their confidence while speaking out on issues and themes that each form chose to advocate on.

“This event would build the confidence, oratory skills, personal development and improve the self-image of the 20 contestants that participated,” she said.

The Water Lily Pageant had two categories — The Water Lily Princess for Years 9 and 10 and the Water Lily Queen for Years 11 to 13.

The 20 representatives from each form also vied for the Miss Charity crown that was initiated to fundraise for the extracurricular activities the school would participate in.

A total of 870 girls attend Adi Cakobau School.

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