School facilities

I believe the Ministry of Education is making a very big ask here, without doing effective background work. I suppose the question they should be asking is why are parents sending their children, or students choosing a school that is not within their zone? I believe the answer to this question is because all schools are not the same.

They might teach the same curriculum and have the same calibre of teachers with a degree and all. But school is just not about learning academically.

It is also about enhancing one’s knowledge by preparing themselves for the future.

So, it is all about the facilities available in the schools such as good playing grounds, scientific laboratories, computer labs, a library that provides a wide range of information, addition of extra-curriculum and many more.

These are some of the reasons parents and students prefer to choose their own schools. And for zoning to be a success, I believe all schools will have to have the same facilities as such, even in the rural schools.

Samuela R Rareba

Raiwaqa, Suva

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